Please fill out the following questionnaires and sent it by E-mail ( to koide.

(1) Second name (family name)

(2) First name (given name)

(3) Institute

(4) Position

(5) Do you want to give a talk? (Yes or No)

(6) Title and its abstract of your talk (if you want to give a talk)

(7) Arrival day and departure day

(8) Status of your hotel reservation:

Please book it yourself, especially if you are not from abroad.

If you have booked your rooms, please inform us the hotel name and lodging days.

If you are from abroad, we will assist your booking of the hotel. Please inform us the details of your request.

(9) Do you want financial support?

(We can support of a part (not full!) of the local travel expenses and hotel charges for speakers and young participants.)