<HTML> <HEAD> <META Http=Equiv="content-type" Content="text/html;charset=euc-jp"> <TITLE> Slides of Presentation</TITLE> </HEAD> <body background="backeinstein.gif"> <BODY> <hr> <FONT COLOR="BLUE"> <B> <A HREF="/index.html"> ロ000レ00ク0ネ0テ0ラ0k0;b0</A> </B> </FONT> <hr> <H2> Presentations 2018 </H2> <hr> (3) <UL> A talk presented at Workshop "Physics of muonium and related topics <P> Osaka University, Japan, 11 Dec. (2018), <P> </UL> <UL> <B><FONT SIZE=4> Muonium  Antimuonium Transition Without Any Non-Standard Particles </FONT></B> </UL> </UL> <UL> In this talk, I will discuss M -anti-M transition without assuming any non-standard particles and with no new physics. We have already known that neutrinos have masses and the eigenstates of  family are mixing states of the mass eigenstates. So, we may expect that e transition is caused via neutrino mass term. We conclude that the transition is allowed only for the case of Majorana neutrinos. Therefore, if the M -anti-M transition will be observed, then it will be an important evidence that neutrinos are Majorana. </UL> <UL> <A HREF="talk18/Muonium181211.PDF"> Slides (1,196 KB)</A><P> </UL><P> <hr> (2) <UL> A talk presented at ``7th Workshop on Flavour Symmetries and Consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology" (FLASY 2018) <P> Basel, Switzerland, 5 July, 2018<P> </UL> <UL> <B><FONT SIZE=4> What Physics Does The Charged Lepton Mass Relation Tell Us? </FONT></B> </UL> </UL> <UL> The charged lepton mass relation $K \equiv (m_e +m_\mu+m_\tau)/(\sqrt{m_e} +\sqrt{m_\mu} +\sqrt{m_\tau})^2= 2/3$ is excellently satisfied by observed masses (pole masses). However, the formula $K=2/3$ should be never satisfied with the observed charged lepton masses. We will review a mechanism by proposed by Sumino and recent related topics. </UL> <UL> <A HREF="talk18/180705_slide.pdf"> Slides (1,334 KB)</A><P> <A HREF="talk18/180705_report.pdf"> Report (ArXiv version) (64 KB)</A><P> </UL><P> <hr> (1) <UL> 'Y*'Yf[tf[xvzムyirtYe、[ENホxvz、[xvz9}ヒN0ヨ崇e9}ヒN <P> 2018t^6g244槠 <P> <B><FONT SIZE=4> Review of My Research and Review of Journal Paper <P> at Kuno Lab, Osaka U, 26 June, 2018 <P> </FONT></B> </UL> </UL> <UL> <B><FONT SIZE=4> Part I: What physics does the charged lepton mass spectram tell us? </FONT></B> </UL><P> Part II: Journal Review: Sumino mechanism <UL> xvz、[┎n0┎*较0ネ00ッ0<P> ネ00ッ0o0槠,g坳g0L00_0L0 00、0ノ0o0坳g0B00 Q-^n0K0j00n0コN_0a0L0YK00n0ケe0`0c0_0n0g0 <P> </UL> <UL> <A HREF="talk18/180626_KunoLab.PDF"> PDF file (2,753 KB)</A><P> </UL><P> <hr> <hr> <FONT COLOR="BLUE"> <B> <A HREF="/index.html"> ロ000レ00ク0ネ0テ0ラ0k0;b0</A> </B> </FONT> <hr> </body> </HTML>